Rapid + Sustainable growth for India's D2C brands.

ENABLING your vision to come to life.

The journey has only begun.

We have scaled the growth of 105+ brands in 24 months, constantly turning heads & establishing ourselves as leading digital-first brand enablers in India.




Grown To
100 CR+ ARR


Team Members



Social Media Growth
We leverage social media to build engaged communities for our brands.
User Generated Content
Our specialisation.
UGC ad videos are proven to improve ROI. They are authentic, relatable & the best part - economical.
Influencer Marketing
Aka opinion leaders. Our approach with influencer marketing is to unearth the most relevant opinion leaders in your category to promote your brand.
Video Production
Website Development
Performance Marketing

We're UGC ad specialists.

Case Studies

Why get ENABLED?

Here's how we crack the digital code for your brand

Tailor Made Solutions

We're a solutions agency, not a digital marketing firm. Each client is unique & so is our offering to them.
There is just one goal - growth.

D2C Playbook

Having impacted 100+ brands, we have a fair know-how of what it takes to crack the D2C code.

We're Your Plugs

There's a lot of things we can do for you. If there's something we can't - we definitely know someone who can.


We understand the impact of turnaround time in modern business.
Hence time is of essence in our every endeavor.


We're passionate & creative go-getters ENABLING modern day brand building.

Jai Virdi
Shubham Nikam
Co Founder & COO
Tanushka Thakur
Influencer & Creator Strategist
Rashi Jain
Creative Strategist
Sreesha Upadhyaya
Senior Designer
Sakshi Gupta
Creative Strategist


Lovely team, amazing creative output. They are very savvy with content that works on digital.

Samit Gupta

CEO, Neulife

Best in class agency for the D2C ecosystem. I trust them with my brand mandate at BoldFit.

Pallav Bihani

CEO, BoldFit

The management & team had an excellent creative output. Extremely supportive to meet expectations.

Richa Kar

Ex CEO, Zivame

ENABLE is the agency that grew my Instagram from literally 0 to over 500,000 followers today. I fully credit Jai & Shubham to build a team that has supported my ambitions.

Dr. Suyomi Shah

Founder, Dr. Su

They're the content kings. I have been nothing but fully satisfied since handing ENABLE the 360-degree mandate of Hook'd 2 years ago.

Shalin Shah

CEO, Hook'd

Brilliant, process oriented output - as efficient as having an in house team. They're always up for a challenge, never limiting to a defined scope.

Dr Apoorva Shah

Founder, Richfeel

Looking to skyrocket your D2C brand?

We're happy to be your partners.

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